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MASTER PLANNING: Is your home ready for a change, but you don't know where to start? Let us help you put together a master plan that will ensure your design dreams and programmatic objectives will work well, both stylistically and functionally, all while creating a clear path forward.


ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Design for new construction, additions to an existing structure, or substantial redesign of an existing interior to create a coherent and functional space. 


INTERIOR DESIGN: We will design functional and cohesive spaces with creative lighting plans, custom millwork, cabinetry, furniture layouts and careful selection of finish materials, fixtures, and colors.


INTERIOR DECORATING: After gaining a better understanding of your personal taste, we will furnish your space with furniture, fabrics, art, and accessories. 


DRAFTING:  When you already have a design, but need someone to put it on paper (and into the computer!).


GRAPHIC DESIGN: From print advertising to website design to company branding, we can help you put together a cohesive look for your business or organization. 


DESIGN CONSULTING: We can assist in laying out a plan for your project, then support you in putting together a design, and contracting the right professionals to bring your vision to life. 



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